The MORWater

تم تطوير هذا الموقع الالكتروني كجزء من مشاريع التعاون الفلسطيني الهولندي – برنامج المياه و بدعم من الممثلية الهولندية في رام الله، فلسطين

This website was developed as a part of the Palestinian-Dutch Academic Cooperation Program on Water (PADUCO 2) funded by the Netherlands representative office in Ramallah, Palestine

The MORWater was developed under the lead of Dr. Sameer Shadeed ([email protected]) from An-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine as a part of the project named “MObile app for optimizing, promoting Rain WATER harvesting for a self-sustaining and self-reliant water supply in Palestine”

The MORWater was developed under the supervision of Dr. Muath Abu Sa’da ([email protected]) from the Hydro-Engineering Consultancy, Ramallah, Palestine

Project Partners are:
  • An-Najah National University (ANU)
    • Dr. Sameer Shadeed
    • Dr. Mohammad Almasri
    • Eng. Tariq Judeh
  • Birzeit University (BZU)
    • Dr. Marwan Ghanem
  • Wageningen University (WU)
    • Prof. Coen Ritsema
    • Dr. Michel Riksen
    • Dr. Luuk Fleskens
  • Hydro-Engineering Consultancy (HEC)
    • Dr. Muath Abu Sa’da
  • National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC)
    • Dr. Abdullah Omari
  • Palestinian Hydrology Group (PHG)
    • Eng. Samai Hamdan
In a partnership with:
  • The Palestinian Water Authority (PWA)
  • Ministry of Agriculture (MoA)

هذه نسخة تجريبية نرحب بأي ملاحظة او اقتراح بناء